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Tile Merchant Ireland | Bathroom Tiles and Kitchen Tiles, Outdoor and Paving Slabs. Cladding | Artificial Grass
Tile Merchant Ireland | Bathroom Tiles and Kitchen Tiles, Outdoor and Paving Slabs. Cladding | Artificial Grass
Tile Merchant Ireland | Bathroom Tiles and Kitchen Tiles, Outdoor and Paving Slabs. Cladding | Artificial Grass

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Style in vitally important.

Our range covers them all.

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Amazing value, incredibly hardwearing and durable tiles for your home.

Updating your family bathroom, en-suite or downstairs loo is big commitment.  Ensure you choose a tile that will suit the style of your home. 

If you are completely renovating your bathroom then you have the  a complete range to choose from.

If you are giving your bathroom a much-needed face-lift then some care should be taken with your choice.  Find a tile that suits the existing bathroom ware and furniture.

Getting your dream tile with your real world budget.

Finding the tile to create your dream bathroom room is made easy.

Our extensive range of tiles begin at prices that can work with the tightest of budgets and the most extravagant.

It is worth bearing in mind that your bathroom renovation is a long term investment. With the right care, your bathroom should last decades and it can add value to your home should you wish to sell your home down the line.

Tile Merchant Ireland | Bathroom Tiles and Kitchen Tiles, Outdoor and Paving Slabs. Cladding | Artificial Grass

Your bathroom, your style!

Colours. Sizes. Patterns. Styles. Material. Finishes.

There is a LOT to take in when embarking on finding the right tile for your bathroom. We encourage our customers to order free samples from our website. Do the research, find the bathrooms you like and your tile search becomes so much easier and enjoyable.

Start browsing below: 

Metro tiles (or subway tiles) have been the coolest tile on the market since they arrived. Tile Merchant has the largest selection of metro tiles (subway tiles) in Ireland.

These retro patterned tiles are a huge tile trend in Ireland. Suitable for installation in a huge variety of settings and rooms in your home. 

Bring the wow-factor to your bathroom by using large-format tiles. These tiles are a super way to make a small area seem larger and make a large space seem even grander.

from € 12.99 per m2

from € 27.99 per m2

from € 14.99 per m2

With so many different shapes, sizes and finishes, you can effortlessly create the look you want anywhere in your bathroom.

Hexagon Tiles in Ireland have taken off in the past couple of years and it is easy to see why. These beautiful hexagon tiles come in a range of colours.

Natural stone veining and look but without the maintenance? Give your bathroom the natural look, with the added bonus of 21st-century manufacturing and qualities.

from € 9.99 per m2

from € 34.99 per m2

from € 8 per m2

Trusted by many Irish families

"We have our bathroom tiles down for a year now and I am really happy with them. We got them in Tile Merchant!"

Emmy Brann, Verified Buyer

"Absolutely love this product. It's exactly what I ever needed.. I've bought bathroom tiles and they transformed my bathroom!

Sinead O'Sullivan, Verified Buyer

"I requested a Metro tile sample and then purchased 11 sq. metres. The tiles are very good quality at an unbelievably low price. I would not hesitate to use Tile Merchant again"

Gordon Ginty, Verified Buyer

reviews Tile Merchant 5 stars
reviews Tile Merchant 5 stars
reviews Tile Merchant 5 stars
Tile Merchant Ireland | Bathroom Tiles and Kitchen Tiles, Outdoor and Paving Slabs. Cladding | Artificial Grass

Need ideas? Browse our collections

Udino Nero is a superb tile to add some deep tones and lasting style to your home. Due to its lappatto (semi-gloss) finish this tile can be used on both wall and floor.

Create something spectacular with this Onyx Grande Porcelain tile in the most delicate shade of grey. This tile attributes its stunning features to the ethereal beauty of Onyx stone.

Taking inspiration from the famous Statuario Marble of Italy, the Statuario Royal in large-format size provides a stunning statement look for any wall or floor space.

from € 29.99 per m2

from € 24.99 per m2

from € 24.99 per m2

Comprising of four soft-hued colours and coming in three different sizes including a stunning mosaic, the Luna can have a moon-sized effect on your tiling project

Laura Ashley is a floor tile, perfect for creating a distinctive look in any bathroom. With its matt finish and a intricate and unique pattern, Laura Ashley tiles can give a boost to any project.

This wonderfully patterned tile is wildly popular due to its aesthetic beauty and its super convenient porcelain composition which allows it to be used on both floor and wall.

from € 55.99 per m2

from € 27.99 per m2

from € 49.99 per m2

The Metro tile is synonymous with elegance and retro chic. They simply look great and they are also extremely hygienic.

This range of tiles is manufactured in Spain to the highest European quality standards. Cuadrado tiles can be used on both walls and floors

Inject your project with some striking period glamour with a tile from our Petit pattern range. The range comprises of three colours: Charcoal, Sage and Blue.

from € 34.99 per m2

from € 9.99 per m2

from € 27.99 per m2

The famous white Carrara Marble is characteristically homogenous, with a white to grey ground colour, shining grains and smoky grey veins.

A truly fabulous tile series, Turin Bianco white bathroom tile elevates bathrooms to the next level. Created with Irish bathrooms in mind.

With a silky smooth matt finish and in the softest shade of light grey, the Silky Grey Moda Floor tile in size 30x30 is a choice that will satisfy aficionados of pure design.

from € 23.99 per m2

from € 58.99 per m2

from € 17.99 per m2

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Are your undecided on what tile to choose from?

Order some samples - Free + Free Delivery - to your home.

Feel the finish and quality for yourself. Ensure the colours suit. You can order free cut samples of ALL the tiles from our website.

There is a green button on our website below each image, click to  add the free cut sample to your basket. Order as many as you like.


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